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Since 2007 the Allianz Championship at Broken Sound Old Course has been one of South Florida's favorite events. Interationally televised, the tournament consists of the top PGA Tour Champions who compete to win a purse of 1.75 million. 


The tournament is held in the beautiful city of Boca Raton in South Florida and is not only a treat for guests, but for players as well. The warm weather and beautiful course welcomes those who compete to become the next champion. 


The Allianz Championship helps to raise money for the Boca Raton Regional Hospital, as well as many other local charities. The Allianz Championship also offers many benefits to the participating sponsors. To learn more about any of these opportunities the Allianz Championship has to offer, browse our site and keep up to date with the latest Allianz Championship news by liking and subscribing to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.




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