Being a corporate sponsor at the Allianz Championship is an investment and not an expense. Corporate sponsorships have changed in the past few years and our packages have as well. The tournament staff will work closely with your organization on strategy and implementation to show you a return on your investment.

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How do you utilize the Allianz Championship for your business?

"For the past three years, KMBS has invited our top customers to play in the Pro-Am. My sales team utilizes this opportunity not only to entertain, but to get to know our clients' current needs in an unforgettable setting. Our sales and retention rate has definitely increased by being involved in the tournament." Brent Colston - Konica Minolta Business Solutions, President, Southern Region

"As Chief Distribution Officer for Allianz Life, we rely on our broker/dealers to sell our products. I can tell you first hand that the program that we have implemented at the Allianz Championship with our retail broker/dealers has been extremely successful. Each year we set a benchmark and production goals for our brokers to hit to qualify them for a once in a lifetime experience in Boca Raton. I've received numerous phone calls and emails from our brokers thanking me for giving them the opportunity to utilize this first class event in beautiful Boca Raton to entertain the people they do business with on a daily basis. We have used this platform for 11 years and continue to see results each year. This is a great sales tool that we have in our arsenal to motivate our brokers to push our products." Tom Burns -Allianz Life, Chief Distribution Officer

"We love being an active partner and promoter of the Allianz Championship. What a great event for our community! Ryan Dillon and Hollis Cavner are truly engaged and committed to the city of Boca Raton, you see them at events and programs in the community, and that really says a lot. Our involvement with this golf tournament and others really motivated us to build the JM Lexus Country Club. So many of our guests live in golfing communities and enjoy the game. It was a natural fit and just an added amenity to help exceed the expectations of our valued guests."  Jim Dunn - JM Lexus VP & General Manager.

From client entertainment and advertising to product promotion to employee appreciation, corporate sponsorship packages can be customized to suit your needs. Invest in your organization and we will show you a return.

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